Our Offering Circular in plain English

We’ve listed the contents of Mythic Collection, LLC’s full offering circular below, along with a brief summary of each section. We understand that this fractional ownership model is fairly new, and that legal language isn’t always the easiest to navigate, so hopefully this overview will help you get started in your research. We’ve also mentioned some of the details that we get the most questions about. 

That said, please read and refer to the full offering circular if you have an interest in investing in assets listed on Mythic Markets. Please note that the below summary does not constitute an offer to sell any interests listed on our platform. The full offering circular provides valuable information that affects your potential investment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions. 

This is how we’re structured, along with some vocabulary:

MM legal structure.jpg

Offering Summary

This section gives an overview of the offerings, including a description of the underlying assets, offering details, duties of the Manager, asset and share pricing, use of proceeds, and more.  We’ve highlighted some important information related to all of Mythic Markets’ offerings.

  • Mythic Markets, Inc may acquire between 2-10% of each offering.

  • Each investor may purchase up to 10% of the total available shares of each asset during the initial offering period.

  • The shares are non-voting except with respect to certain matters described in the Operating Agreement.

  • Any revenue (free cash flow) generated by the assets are split equally between the Manager and the shareholders, and paid as distributions.

  • There is a nominal sourcing fee of 5-10% for each offering.

  • Our trading platform is in development and we intend to launch it in the near future.

Risk Factors

This section outlines the risks associated with investing in collectible and alternative assets on Mythic Markets. In general, investing comes with a high degree of risk and should be done by people who can afford to lose their entire investment. Please refer to the full list of Risk Factors here.

Potential Conflicts of Interest

Basically, it may be possible for conflicts of interest to arise between Mythic Markets, Inc., Mythic Collection, LLC, our users, our officers and employees, and our advisory board. We are taking every precaution to align the company’s interests with shareholders, including an intention to co-invest in every asset.


In most cases, shareholders associated with each offering will not be diluted. However, there are rare instances where new shares may be sold to pay for operating expenses.

Use of Proceeds

These charts describe how funds from initial offerings are allocated for each asset. When an initial offering closes, proceeds are transferred to the individual Series of Mythic Collection, LLC.

Description of the Series

This section describes the underlying assets in detail, including background and history, authenticity, pricing, market assessment, and more.

Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operation

In this section, we go into detail about our business and how we operate. In short, the Mythic Markets platform is the product of an early stage company, and we are working closely with the SEC to qualify investments in investment-grade collectibles via fractional share offerings on our platform. 

Plan of Distribution and Subscription Procedure

This section primarily details who can invest (e.g. accredited investors and unaccredited investors who keep their investment to less than 10% of their annual income or net worth), how the assets are priced, any expenses associated with the offering, how to participate and what happens if you do, and more. 

Description of the Business

Our mission is to democratize the high-end collectibles market so more enthusiasts can benefit financially and enjoy the benefits of ownership. We talk about our market, our Fan Club Experiences, characteristics of our industry, and more. You can also learn about our management structure, explore our organizational structure, and find details about the underlying assets.

Market Opportunity

In this section, you can learn more about the global comic book and collectible card industry, it’s growth trajectory, and the kinds of collectibles we believe will continue to define pop-culture for years to come.


In this section, you can get to know our team and our fiduciary responsibilities to you, our users.


In this section, you can find some public disclosures about about how we’re compensated.

Principal Interest Holders

Please note that Mythic Markets, Inc. intends to acquire between 2-10% of the shares of each offering.

Description of Interests Offered

This section is a detailed description about the shares being offered and their unique characteristics, the voting and other rights of shareholders, the responsibilities of the Manager, and more. In short, investors are buying shares in an individual series of Mythic Collection, LLC (a Series LLC) that owns the asset, and no other company. Any funds raised will be used to perform on the acquisition of underlying assets and related transactions, including costs related to the maintenance of the applicable assets. 

Material United States Tax Considerations

It’s about taxes, but it’s not tax advice -- talk to your tax advisor! Shareholders may be taxed on investment income such as distributions and capital gains.

Where to Find Additional Information

Need more info? You can contact us by mail, email, or phone.

Mythic Collection, LLC
16 Lagoon Ct
San Rafael, CA 94903

E-Mail: team@mythicmarkets.com
Tel: 415-335-6370
Attention: Joseph Mahavuthivanij